Admission information

School admissions are dealt with by the Local Authority. The website below gives all the information required for admissions. Please see our Admission Policy for September 2024.

As we converted to an Academy on the 1st February 2019 all previous Admissions Policies were held by NCC.

2024 Admissions

Should you have any questions regarding admissions or requesting a look around the school please don't hesitate to contact us.

Northamptonshire School Admissions

West Northamptonshire Council is responsible for coordinating the application process for entry into Reception as well as in year transfers for pupils in Year 1 through Year 6. If you live in West Northamptonshire, your application is therefore made to WNC rather than the local authority where the preferred school is situated. 

If you wish to contact the admissions team, here are the contact details. Please also visit the website below for more information.

School Admissions Team
Northampton County Council
PO Box 216
John Dryden House
8-10 The Lakes

Phone: 0300 126 1000