We follow the Northamptonshire Agreed Syllabus for RE. Click on the link below to find out more (we are currently following the Pre 2018 Syllabus):

In our RE at Kingsley, children learn about Christianity and the main Christian festivals. In Key Stage 1, they learn about the Christian church and Bible stories. This knowledge is developed in Key Stage 2, where children learn more about Christianity, Jesus and the church year.

Children are also taught about Judaism, Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism, and some of the festivals related to these faiths.

Our RE teaching is enriched with visitors to the school from different religions who talk to the children about their faiths. This is delivered through RE lessons and assemblies. Children also have opportunities within each year group to visit a religious building of the faith they have been learning about in school. These visits provide the children with a chance to reinforce what they have learnt in school and deepen their knowledge and understanding of different religions.