Year 5 Miss Doughty

We have given the children responsibilities for their first term in Year 5. Some children are going to The Saints to work with other schools in a number of challenges set by the schools outreach programme there. Some children are our Community Leaders- helping in the nursery and local retirement home. The third group of children are our Sports Leaders and they have been trained in a variety of sporting activities which they can then play with the rest of the school at breaks and lunchtimes. We hope that the children really enjoy these exciting opportunities. 

The children have been working very hard in their first couple of weeks of year 5. They have enjoyed starting their new topic of The Ancient Greeks and have already produced some lovely writing on the subject.

Welcome to the new Class 5B







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Today the children took home a letter about the Gurdwara trip. Please don't forget to fill

in the slips and bring them back into school.


 Have you tried your calming breathing today? Remember breath in for the count of 4 and out for the

count of 6.

Don't for get the other calming tricks that we have been learning to use

* The room scan- what do you notice that you haven't before.

* The figure of 8 on your arm.

* Visualising that calm and safe place in our minds whilst we breath calmly.  


Ancient Egyptians

We are enjoying learning about our new topic - The Ancient Egyptians! So far we have learnt about the River Nile and farming methods and studied the book The Scarab's Secret! The children loved this book and completed some fantastic writing on it! WELL DONE!!

Fantastic home learning