Year 4 Miss Betournay


Year 4 have been busy delving into Viking history over the last term. We are learning to analyse historical sources and their reliability and using this to answer the question 'Were the Vikings vicious or valiant?' As the pupils begin to find out more about Viking life we are then building up an evidence bank in order to produce a balanced argument.

On July 11th year 4 will also be having a Viking day where we take part in different Viking crafts such as; garment dying, lucet braiding and making Viking oat biscuits. We hope to immerse the children in Viking culture and encourage a love and an appreciation for history.



Please can we remind pupils that they are required to practise their times tables at home. We will be participating in the Year 4 Times Table test in June and we would like to continue to encourage pupils to further their times table knowledge. They have worked hard on their times tables all year and with an extra push ,we have complete confidence that all of year 4 will make great progress.


As part of our Viking topic we would like you to make a Viking longboat out of things you have at home or create an information poster about Viking longboats.




This term year 4 are looking at animal habitats and food chains in Science. On the 28th February the pupils learnt about the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates. They were asked to consider what kind invertebrates we might find in our school environment which led to a fun (although rather drizzly) exploration on the school grounds. 







This term year 4 are studying the Amazon Rainforest. As their creative project we would like them to recreate a rainforest environment/habitat in a box of some form. The children are encouraged to consider what sort of things we find in a rainforest climate such as rocks, vegetation etc. In previous years some children have decided to place small plastic insects or other various creature creations.

We look forward to seeing your creations.

Please feel free to contact any member of the year 4 team if you have any questions.


Miss Betournay & Mrs Cumming


  • PE days for Year 4 are Tuesdays (indoor) and Wednesdays (outdoor – please make sure they have warm kit)
  • New spellings are handed out at the beginning of week and tested the following Monday.

Times table tests take place on Fridays and the pupils receive new times tables on the same day.



Welcome back to a new term! We hope you all had a lovely break and found some time to relax.

This term we are beginning our new topic: The Amazon Rainforest. We will be spending the next two terms learning about the rainforest environment and the creatures that live there.

In our English lessons we will be using the knowledge we have learnt during our topic lessons to create our own non-chronological report based on a rainforest animal of our choosing. The book we will also be focusing on over the next few weeks is 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell.

Maths lessons will be focusing on fractions and shapes over the next term. Pupils will be learning to recognise equivalent fractions and how to find fractions of amounts. This will then develop into the pupils applying their knowledge to problem solving and mathematical reasoning problems.

In our science lessons we will be finishing our work on states of matter and then beginning to look at food chains and habitats. This links nicely with our rainforest topic.

The Amazon rainforest allows us several opportunities for creative projects and this is the focus of our art lessons this term. We are fortunate to welcome Piper into our class this term to help us to create some fantastic rainforest inspire art.

This term promises to be fun and creative and we look forward to seeing what the pupils produce.


Miss Betournay & Mrs Cumming




After assessing during the first term, we are now starting our spelling sessions. The pupils are divided into 4 groups and have a weekly spelling test every Friday based on the spellings they are given on a Monday. 

Here are the spellings for Mrs. Cumming's, Miss Betournay's and Ms Grey's groups. 

Week 2

Mrs C & Miss B












Ms G













Year 4 were fortunate enough to take part in a WW2 roleplay day at Holdenby House. The children took on the role of evacuees who were taken to Holdenby as part of an emergency evacuation. They took part in activities such as; cooking with rations, learning how to make do and mend and how to survive an air raid. 



YEAR 4 - 2018/19 - Autumn Term 1

Welcome back to another school year and the beginning of Year 4. 

Our topic this term will be based around the Second World War. In particular we will be looking at how home life and children were affected. To enhance our learning we will be taking part in a WW2 day based at Holdenby House in October. 

Our English lessons will be heavily influenced by our topic work. We will be look at literature such as 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' and 'The Diary of Anne Frank.' In particular, we hope these texts will allow the pupils to learn how to empathise with characters and their situations. 

During our maths lessons we will be focusing on number and place value. The pupils will be using previously taught methods and applying them to 3 and 4 digit numbers, as well as representing numbers using different resources. 

In science our topic is the Human Body with a large emphasis on the digestive system. 

Over the next couple of weeks we hope to establish a homework system where the children will be given times tables and spellings to learn. They will be given these on a Friday and will be tested on the following Friday. 

We hope the children have enjoyed the beginning of the term and please speak to any Year 4 staff member if you have any concerns. 

Miss Betournay and Mrs Cummings




Yesterday Year 4 were able to seize the opportunity to fulfil their second pledge. The children were very successful and had a great time.

Our last two pledges are to be completed in the last 2 weeks of term. 




Here are few pictures from our trip to Duxford. It was an amazing experience for all and one the children will remember I'm sure. They had the opportunity to go into a Concorde plane and see many planes and vehicles that were used during WW2. We were very lucky to grab ourselves a tour of the 'Battle of Britain' exhibit, from  a very kind man who was a young boy during 'The Blitz'. Both Mrs Cumming and I hope the children were able to get a lot of out the trip and would like to thank them all for their fantastic behaviour. Many thanks also to the staff and parents who came along to help. 


Relationships and Sex Education

Thank you to all the parents that attended the meeting before half term.  As promised, here is a list of books that might be suitable to share with your children.

Let’s talk about the birds and bees – Molly Potter

Hair in funny places – Babette Cole

Secret Girls’ Business - Fay Angelo, Heather Anderson & Rose Stewart

Secret Boys’ Business - Fay Angelo, Heather Anderson & Rose Stewart

Puberty Girl - Shushann Movsessian  

Puberty Boy - Geoff Price


For older children

 It’s perfectly normal – Robie H Harris

The Period Book - Karen Gravelle

What’s Going on Down There - Karen Gravelle


Pledges - Release the Butterflies!!

Over the last 3 weeks we have raised caterpillars and watched them metamorphose into butterflies. Today we had the pleasure of releasing them. They thoroughly enjoyed all of the beautiful flowers and plants grown by the gardening club.  



For the final two terms of the academic year, the students in year 4 will be studying World War 2. Specifically we will be learning about being a child during the war. Around mid June we will be taking the children on a trip to Duxford Air Museum.

In maths we have been studying shapes and angles. During the final summer term we will be moving on to statistics. The pupils are also having a fantastic time practising their times tables on the new programme 'Times Table Rockstars' which each pupil is able to access from home too. 

During our English lessons we will be looking at war related literature such as 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe', as well as some extracts from the 'Diary of Anne Frank'. We feel these texts will enable the children to access the curriculum but will also help to enrich their topic work. 

In terms of science, the pupils will be exploring sound and electricity. The pupils will be taking an investigative approach to both topics, allowing them to explore scientific processes in depth whilst being guided by the teacher. 

The children have been working especially hard during the first summer term during their Notivate sessions. These sessions are based around the children writing their own songs in groups and learning about the music industry. Pupils will then be taken to a recording studio where they will get an in depth look at the process and record their own songs. After the process has finished, each child will be gifted a CD of their efforts. 

We hope this term continues to be a warm and exciting one.

Mrs Cumming and Miss Betournay

Sponsored bounce in the sun




Your homework is to find out about a plane that was used during the second world war. We would then like you to draw a detailed picture of the plane or to build a model.





Over the last few weeks we have been looking at money and time. It would be really helpful if students could practice telling the time and working out the correct change when at the shops etc.

Students should also be learning their times tables. This can be done through the TTRockstars website.


Students should continue to read as much as they can at home.


Please let us know if any support is required.


Mrs Cumming and Miss Betournay