Year 3 Mrs Manning

 Please find some photos below from our trip to Bosworth Water Park...go right to the bottom of the black box to find images.




KS2 Rememberance at Kingsley 9th November 2018


'We shall remember them'.


Useful Year 3  Information

Tuesdays: Children need to bring their home learning to school. Home learning  will be sent home on Thursdays.

Spellings: We put the words we send home into sentences and then we dictate those sentences to the children to write down in their literacy books. We find this is a much better way then just calling out a list of words because it gives the children some sort of context. The spellings will be sent home every week on a Friday.

Snack Money of £1 week is due in on a Monday. You can either pay weekly or for the term.

Book Bags: Please make sure your child has their book bag in school everyday with their  reading book in it. At some point during the week, all children will be listened to by either myself or Mrs Dale.

Reading: Please try and read with your child every evening, they also need to hear you read too. Please ask them lots of questions about the book. Think of what, why, where, how and who questions as an example. Please date their reading book mark when you have read. We will change their books once a week as we firmly believe that reading a book over and over again is of great benefit. If however, you feel that your child has read the book a lot, then let us know and we will change the book for them sooner.

Reading Bookmarks: These will be collected in at the end of every term or at the beginning of the following term and a new bookmark will be given to you. Every child has the opportunity to complete 6 book marks throughout their time in year 3. Prizes are on offer for those who complete their book marks.

PE: Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school for our PE sessions on a Thursday and a Friday. Both outdoor kit and indoor kit will be used throughout year 3. No earrings should be worn for PE. At the moment the girls are very good at taking their own earrings out.


Spring term 1 :  The Romans

Maths: Fractions

Literacy: The children will be writing a quest myth! They will take their Roman hero on an adventure to solve a problem, defeat the mythical beast and free the village from the curse that is set to ruin them!

Science: Rocks and fossils

Art: We shall be looking in more depth at a particular artist and re-creating pieces of work influenced by his style

ICT: Being safer online and efficient ways to find information

History: This term we will be looking at the Romans. Organising timelines, looking at the Gods and Goddesses worshipped by the Romans. Hadriens wall and much more!

Music: The children are continuing to learn the recorder, reading music and playing new tunes!

RE: Christianity

PE: Gymnastics and Hockey

PSHE: Jigsaw


Autumn term 2 :  Into the Forest

Maths: Subtraction and Multiplication

Literacy: The Kingsley Colussus! We have had a visitor over last weekend and after much investigation we found that the Kingsley Colussus has returned to our school! The children have found a large hammock that has appeared outside the Year 3 classrooms and there are many pie tins that have been left scattered around. Children will be using Talk for writing (Pie Corbett) to learn a text map in order to write their own non-chronological reports.   Book Talk, Reading Comprehension, Spelling and Dictation

Science: Pollination and seed dispersal, including practical investigations.

Art: We will be looking at artists such as Carl Warner who produces some wonderful pieces of art created with drawings of different foods, Children will be re-creating some of his work. 

ICT: Online safety and coding, along with other basic computer skills such as manipulation of text using word.

Geography: We are looking at the United Kingdom, including its cities, rivers, seas and mountains, later in the term we will be comparing Northampton with another  town called Northampton in the USA

Music: This term children are learning the recorder!

RE: Christianity

PE: Real PE scheme and Basketball skills

PSHE: Jigsaw



Autumn term 1:  Into the Forest

Maths: Place Value of numbers

Literacy: Into the Forest by Anthony Browne. We will be using drama to explore a characters thoughts and feelings, making predictions, describing characters and settings using a variety of language features.  Book Talk, Reading Comprehension, Spelling and Dictation

Science: What plants and flowers need to grow, including practical investigations.

Art: We are lucky enough to have resident Artist Piper this term, he will be working with the children looking at Lines, shape. colour and texture 

ICT: Online safety and coding, along with other basic computer skills such as manipulation of text using word.

Geography: We are looking at the United Kingdom, including its cities, rivers, seas and mountains, later in the term we will be comparing Northampton with another  town called Northampton in the USA

Music: Making soundscapes linked to the forest, thinking about rythm using a range of instruments including their own bodies.

RE: Christianity

PE: Real PE scheme and Tennis

PSHE: Jigsaw


Firstly, I would like to say a very warm welcome to year three. I am really proud of how hard the children have worked since they started in year 3,  We do have lots of different routines along with the same school expectations and they are all trying their best to follow them. 

Say Hello to the Year 3 Staff

I am Mrs Manning and my valuable support worker is Mrs Dale. Please come and speak to us either in the morning or at the end of the day if you need to.

September 2018 - July 2019 - Welcome to the children and their Parents/Carers.



This Wednesday is our trip to Bosworth Water Park.... children will need to bring:-   a packed lunch, drinks for the day,  towel, suncream and a sun-hat  and clean dry clothes.  They do not have to wear uniform.


                    Click on the link below to take you the website.  We are visiting the beach area, (adult knee depth), crazy golf and the play areas including The Black Pearl Adventure.  Children will also be treated to an ice lolly whilst we are there.  Thank you for your support.


Relationships and Sex Education

Thank you to all the parents that attended the meeting before half term.  As promised, here is a list of books that might be suitable to share with your children.

Let’s talk about the birds and bees – Molly Potter

Hair in funny places – Babette Cole

Secret Girls’ Business - Fay Angelo, Heather Anderson & Rose Stewart

Secret Boys’ Business - Fay Angelo, Heather Anderson & Rose Stewart

Puberty Girl - Shushann Movsessian  

Puberty Boy - Geoff Price


For older children

 It’s perfectly normal – Robie H Harris

The Period Book - Karen Gravelle

What’s Going on Down There - Karen Gravelle

Welcome to our new website year 3 parents. We have a very busy term ahead of us!! Our topic  this term is Wild Weather, we will be looking at continents, oceans, weather and climate.

For science we are investigating light and shadows.We will learn about the spectrum of colour, the effect on white light when passed through a prism and we will make puppets to test the effect that light has on shadows. Later in the term we will be testing magnets and forces.

In Literacy we are looking at "The Tunnel" by Anthony Browne using a mixture of both drama and written work, all towards writing an adventure story!!  Later in the term we will be watching "The boat" a short silent movie, to inspire the children's writing.

In Maths we will be looking at shape 2D and 3D, investigating money and then will be working on using the column method to add and subtract. Later in the term we will be looking at geometry and statistics.

For art we will be observing the skills used for Pointillism made famous by George Seurat and recreating various pieces of artwork.

We have a few exciting year group trips to look forward to, including Hammerton Zoo, a trip to Bosworth Water park and hopefully, weather pending :) a picnic with parents!!

We look forward to a great term with you all.

Thank you to all the children for participating and collecting sponsorship money. YOU WERE FANTASTIC!!

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