Year 1 Mrs Turner

Wow, I can't believe you are only in your second full week in Year 1. You have been very busy getting to know your new class and how things work in Year 1. We do lots of our learning with adults, but lots on our own too.

Splat jobs: Each week the children have four jobs to complete on their own that are linked to different areas of the curriculum. The children move a coloured lolly stick into their named pouch to show which jobs they have completed. You are really getting the hang of this Year 1!

Here is small snapshot of some of the other things we have been learning in Year 1.  Last week in Science we used our sense of taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch to explore. It was so much fun, especially eating chocolate at school! Some of the smells were very yucky, which made us laugh lots too.

Here are some of the songs we have been listening to in our Maths. I wonder if the children have been singing them to you?





Great fashion show Year 1! Your recycled clothes and accessories were amazing!






Arts week has got off to a great start in Year 1! We have started our school 'book shelf project' that will go in the stairwell in the KS2 building (watch this space). We have learnt about how amazing charcoal is and watched our school Artist Piper draw with it (WOW!)The children have been doing lots of art linked to our topic under the sea. Today the children made clay fish and windsock fish. They are so excited for the Year 1 fashion show. REMINDER: YEAR 1 FASHION SHOW IS ON THURSDAY at 2.15! The recycled clothing/accessories you have made with the children are amazing! Thank you so much.

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 Science fun

We carried out an experiment called 'snowstorm in a jar' (See you tube link below). It was very cool! The children were asked to use the sentence starter 'I wonder if'. They were asked to think about changing the quantity of one of the ingredients or temperature of the water and wrote their own questions. Next week they will test it out. I wonder what will happen and why?




Our topic this term is Amazing Adventures. Our first adventure has taken us back in time to the land of the dinosaurs!

We have been learning to re tell the story 'Katie and the Dinosaurs' using a story map and actions.