Reception - Miss Freeman


Today we went to the library for our first session. Some of us went on the computers whilst some of us read some books! We found it tricky to use the mouse on the computer but we all had a good go and eventually got the hang of it!


Today during circle time we were using Jigsaw Jenie to talk about our feelings. We focussed on happy and what made us happy, here are some examples of what the children said!

"I feel happy when my mummy cuddles me!"

"I feel happy when I give my baby sister kisses!"

"I feel happy when daddy kisses me!"

"I feel happy when I go to parties with my family!"

"I feel happy when I have apples!"

First Week!

We have had an excellent first week of school! All of the children have settled well and are enjoying exploring their new classroom! This week the children have been showing off their number skills and talking about some shapes they know. The children have also been looking at spelling their name and learning the correct formation of the letters in their name! We have learnt two sounds this week s, and a!


Welcome to all of our new children and parents starting at Kingsley Primary this September! This is our class page which is updated frequently and includes pictures about what we've been up to in class so you can stay informed! School starts at 8:50 and we look forward to seeing you all on your start dates this week!

Miss Freeman & Mrs Loxton


Summer 2018

Hope you are having an amazing summer break! It has been a wonderful year and I wish all the children good luck in year one!

End of Year Celebration!

Today we celebrated the (almost) end of receptions first year of school! I am so proud of each and everyone one of the children as they have all worked so hard this year and made amazing progress! I wish them all the best in year 1! Thank you to all the parents who came today and had a look at their fantastic work in their books!


Talent Show!

WOW! The act that was representing our class in the talent show today did an amazing job! Well done girls, you all worked very hard and had lots of fun performing your dance, you should be very proud!


We have been very lucky to have raised some butterflies in our classroom but sadly we needed to release them back into their habitat today! It was fantastic to see them spread their wings and fly high into the sky!


We have been enjoying exploring our outside area in this lovely weather, today we had lots of fun blowing bubbles!


More Arts Week Photos!

Arts Week!

This week is Arts Week and the theme is 'Recycling - Our World'! We have been learning how to help look after the planet and we have been doing lots of fun crafts! Here are some pictures of us helping with a class project both classes are working on this week!



We have visitors!

Not only do we have some tadpoles that are slowly turning into froglets in our classroom, now we have some caterpillars! We will get to watch them turn into butterflies and then we will release them when they are ready! Here are some photos of us helping to put them into their temporary homes!


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We received a letter from a very hungry caterpillar asking us to look for a new home for him and his friends! We have been looking through the courtyard and labelling places we think he might like to live, and what treats he might like to eat!



Today we completed our final pledge! We went stargazing! The children were so well behaved and could say lots about what they already knew about space and we learnt lots of new words today like 'constellations'!


Sports Day 2018

We had so much fun taking part in our Sports Day today! The children all tried so hard and I am really proud of all of their efforts! Well done Reception!!!


Father's Day Breakfast

Thank you to all those who attended our Father's Day Breakfast this morning! Take a look at the photo's below!


Father's Day Reminder 

Tomorrow (Thursday) is our Father's day breakfast in the hall at 9:10am!


Relationships and Sex Education

Thank you to all the parents that attended the meeting before half term. As promised, here is a list of books that might be suitable to share with your children.

Let’s talk about the birds and bees – Molly Potter

Hair in funny places – Babette Cole

Secret Girls’ Business - Fay Angelo, Heather Anderson & Rose Stewart

Secret Boys’ Business - Fay Angelo, Heather Anderson & Rose Stewart

Puberty Girl - Shushann Movsessian  

Puberty Boy - Geoff Price

 For older children

 It’s perfectly normal – Robie H Harris

The Period Book - Karen Gravelle

What’s Going on Down There - Karen Gravelle


Bug Visit

We had an AMAZING afternoon today! Some creepy crawlies came to visit us! We saw spiders, millipedes, cockroaches, giant snails, stick insects, a tree frog and as a treat we even got to meet Britney the meerkat! The children were all very brave and asked lots of sensible questions. Take a look at the photo's below!



This week we had our Teddy Bears Picnic! We had a picnic filled with delicious treats and tasty fruits! We even had an ice lolly in the shade afterwards! Then we had a play on the equipment with our bears, it was a great afternoon and we had lots of fun having a picnic with our teddies!



Today we had our Library session where we were exploring the computers and learning how to use basic mouse controls. We were also looking and reading all of the amazing books and playing some board games.



As part of our pledges, next Tuesday we are having a Picnic at the school during our afternoon. Please can the children bring a teddy along to join us on our Picnic!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We have been doing lots of learning about this story in our class, we have even learnt to tell the story using some actions! Take a look at some of the fantastic writing we have been doing in our class, by the end of this week we would have all finished our amazing writing! All of our writing will be on display in the classroom too! We have also been doing lots of drawings of the mean, old troll! Lots of these are on display in our classroom also!


Home Learning

Take a look at the fantastic fairy tale home learning from our class!



Today we went outside to play some Phonic games in the sun! We also practised our tricky words using chalk! Photos below.

Chick Houses!

This Friday (4th) the children will be showing their chick houses in Celebration Assembly, please join us to celebrate the fantastic chick houses that were made for home learning!


Sponsored Bounce

We had lots of fun on taking part in our Sponsored Bounce today! Jump totals will be sent home this week! Take a look at the photos below from today!



Tomorrow (Tuesday) we are taking part in our Sponsored Bounce, the bouncy castle will be in the hall so we'll be safe from the rain!!!



We had so much fun today! We had a Science afternoon where we explored and investigated lots of different things such as, ice, tadpoles, magnets, plants and we even tried to build some houses using marshmallows and straws! Take a look at the photos below!



 Farm Trip

Last term we were very lucky to have visited Mini Meadows Farm, below are some photos from the amazing trip we had!


Please join us in Celebration Assembly on the 4th May at 9:10am in the hall so that the children can show off their home learning Chick Houses that they made before the Easter Holidays! Thank you  


We had a lovely time at Mini Meadows Farm on Tuesday.